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The Gossip Maelstrom

Gossip is the most disgusting form of bullying that defies age. It has a seductive whisper that slithers into the recesses of corruptible minds, spreading malignancy and hate. It turns humans into hunchbacks who huff with glee at the spreading destruction. Most people do not even notice the change in their stance, their posture, as they listen. They are too busy leaning in to hear or spread more of what is bringing them seductive joy. They slobber with marked strands of their subterfuge, They drool, showing their unattractive greed for things malicious.

And the victim? The victim is left listening to the laughter and mockery in the wind, punching at shadows, stripped bare of all defenses.

For how do you catch the shredded pieces of your hope, your good name, in a maelstrom.

Copyright ⓒ by Lily Desheno

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